-TYPE-C connector, slim body with cable directly, easy to connect your sport camera and android phone together, do outdoors streaming by CameraFiLive APP.
    -Supports 4K 30HZ HDMI input

    ezcap261 USB 3.0 HD Game Live Streaming

    - USB 3.0 fastest speed, capture up to 1080 60fps full HD.
    - UVC standard, no driver required, works with most 3th software.
    - Live video streaming for Skype, Facebook, YouTube ...
    - With HDMI pass-through

    ezcap261M HD60 Game Live

    -USB3.0 UVC interface, capture up to 1080 60fps video.
    -Supports most of 3rd capture and streaming software.
    -With MIC input and HDMI pass-through.

    ezcap284 HD Game Capture with Streaming

    -Record 1080P HD video into USB disk or SD Card directly,no PC enquired.
    -With remote control,can REC/Stop,select video source,change recording quality,snapshot image.
    -Pass through 1080P HDMI to display on big screen.
    -Supports all video sources input - HDMI,Component,Composite.
    -Record your voice with video together through microphone input.
    -With RTC(Real Time Clock) function.

    ezcap271 AV Recorder standalone

    -Convert old video tape or camcorder tape to digital directly,no computer required.
    -With 3 inch TFT screen,preview recording video or play video directly,no need extra screen.
    -Includes 8GB memory inside,ans supports extra Micro SD card.
    -Supports converting old music to digital.

    ezcap280 1080P HD Video Capture

    -Record 1080P HDMI/YPbPr into USB disk no PC enquired.
    -ByPass 1080P HDMI to display on big screen.
    -Can record microphone voice into game video together.

    ezcap241 Music Digitizer

    -Record analog music in USB drive or SD card, no computer required.
    -Automatic partition each song.
    -With playback.
    -With remote control.
    -L/R RCA audio and 3.5mm audio input selections.

    ezcap287 USB 3.0 HDMI Capture

    -USB 3.0 fastest data transfer, simple to capture HDMI HD video into your computer.
    -Support UVC standard, no driver installation required.
    -Support most capture and streaming software.

    ezcap289 HD Lecture Capture with built-in MIC

    -With built-in 360 degree microphone.
    -HD HDMI / VGA pass-through
    -Record entire lesson with voice for sharing by pressing one button.
    -With one-touch mute control.

    ezcap158 UVC Video Capture

    -UVC standard, no need any drivers.
    -Supports Win,Mac,Linux and Android

    ezcap232 Tape to MP3 Converter into Micro SD automatic version

    -Record tape music to Micro SD card directly,no PC required.
    -Automatic partition each songs of tape into MP3 format files.
    -With Auto-Reverse function.
    -Still allows you connect with old phono audio output to recorder it automatic partition in MP3s.
    -Playback the recorded music.
    -With two power selections - AA Batteries or USB.