Redisccover those old songs with Turntable Converter by turning your vinyls into MP3's to use on your computer, smart phone or in the car! It has USB flash disk port and Micro SD Card slot for converting your vinyl into MP3 files. 
    The Turntable Converter can record vinyl songs to each MP3 with one button click automatically when you convert through the aoto version mode.   
    Play both 33 and 45 PRM LP records. 
    It can playback recorded music files directly, also can play your MP3s in storage. 
    It's with AA battery and USP power selections, and it runs on USB power when connected to your computer for flexible operation. 
    With powerful speaker inside, power switch can adjust the volume. Also includes 3.5mm stereo audio port to connect to extra speaker system. 

    - Converts your precious vinyl record collection to MP3 standalone, no computer required.
    - Converts full vinyl record music to MP3 files by automatic partition each songs. 

    - With Playback, can check the recorded music on device directly.
    - Play both 33 and 45 PRM LP records.
    - With AA battery and USB power selections. 
    - With speaker inside, power switch can adjust the volume. 

    - Interface: USB2.0 host, Micro SD Card
    - Recording Format: MP3
    - Power Supply: 4 X AA batteries, or 5V USB power
    - LP Support: 33 and 45 PRM 
    - Audio Output: Speaker inside, 3.5mm stereo output 
    - Bit Rate: 128Kbps
    - Dimension: 292 * 122 * 77 mm
    - Weight: 638g

    Package Contents:
    - ezcap613P Turntable Converter with 45 PRM holder         
    - USB Cable for USB Power Supply
    - User Guide
    - 3.5mm stereo Male to RCA L/R Male cable (Option)