Forward Video Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Forward Video Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Audio Video record and capture solutions. The products for audio video capturing solutions can help you capture HD game video, HD video sourcing, analog video and audio sourcing to digital files, and playback or stream them. 

Our registered trademark is "ezcap", while the company has built great business relations with lots customers all around the world. Our products are selling to the overseas market. We provide the better quality and service for our customers satisfactions. 

With progressive development and growth, Forward Video has always been enriching our product lines, which cover nearly all products of video industry, from family ones to specialized ones. Especially, we have put great efforts on professional multimedia video market, so as to maintain the leading position in video technology and service field. 

Since our establishment, Forward Video has aimed to become a professional supplier of video products and application technology. Having built complete "previous-sales" and "after-sales" service system and network, and via outstanding channels of sales strategies, our products localization service has won us grreputation in the industry. 


2021 - New PCIe capture and streamg card: PCI gen2 interface, 4K60 HDR input and output, 2160p30 and 1080p120 capture and streaming. Special Nintendo switch projection and capture steaming dock. Cassette converter with FM/AM radio and sound recorder. Bluetooth audio digitizer and player. 

2020 - New generation capture and streamg box: USB 3.1 interface. 4K60 HDR input and loop-through, capture and streaming up to 2160p30 and 1080p120. Bluetooth cassette player. 

2019 - Game Capture Portable with 3.5" clear color display, and Medical Imaging Workstation. 

2018 - Live Box for streaming video with iOS and Android system, USB 3.0 UVC Game Live with 4K60 pass-through, and PCI-e HD capture card. 

2017 - USB 3.0 UVC HD Video capture and streaming, with HDMI, SDI, 4 channels HDMI ports. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android system, and works with most 3rd party software. 

2016 - HD Video Recorder supporting video streaming, supporting fits old tape camcorder, and AV Recorder with screen, and Music Digitizer standalone.


2015 - HD Video Recorders supporting SDI input, supporting time schedule recording, and supporting playback function. 


2014 - 1080P HD Video Capture box standalone, and Turntable to MP3 with USB drive and Micro SD Card standalone.


2013 - Turntable to MP3 with USB drive standalone. 


2012 - Cassette to MP3 with Micro SD Card standalone, and USB Turntable Converter.


2011 - Cassette to MP3 with USB drive standalone.


2010 - USB2.0 Video Capture box supports 1080i YPbPr input, and USB Cassette Converter with audio input.


2009 - USB 2.0 Audio Capture box, and USB Cassette Converter. 


2008 - USB2.0 Video Grabber works with Windows and Max OS, and Satellite TV Card. Changed trademark to "ezcap". 


2007 - USB ATST TV Stick, DTMB Stick, ISDB-T Stick, and the first USB 2.0 Video Capture device in China. Founded "EasyCAP" trademark. 


2006 - The first USB DVB-T TV Stick in China.


2005 - ForwardVideo  Technology is Established. Main products are PCI Analog TV card, CardBus Analog TV card, and USB2.0 Analog TV Box.